Bubbles Magic (for iOS)

For iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Blow lots of big, colorful bubbles with your fingers and then tap to pop. Keep your finger down to grow a giant bubble. Bubbles always float up against gravity and you can use your own photographs for backgrounds for twice the fun. Bubble Magic delights children of all ages.

- Simply delightful!!!

- I'm an 11 year old and my brother is 8 and we both love love love it!!!!

- Great little toy!

- The kids love it! (So do I)"

- My daughter loves playing this, endless fun!

Bubbles Magic (for Windows Phone)

Bubbles (For Android)

***** Over 500,000 downloads *****

Free version of Bubbles Deluxe. Blow bubbles by dragging your finger across the screen or blow a giant bubble by holding your finger in place. Then tap on them to pop. Provides amusement for people of all ages, or use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied when you need a few minutes of sanity.

- The kids love it! Damages the phone from overeagerness, but it's fun and much loved!

- Cute for kids, and great for relaxing

- Absolutely lovely

- My nephew loves this game. He says "want to pop bubbles!"

- I downloaded this for my toddler. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it... Its quite soothing.

Bubbles Deluxe (For Android)

With Bubbles Deluxe, you can blow and pop bubbles, as in the free version, and the Deluxe version adds multi-color bubbles, 8 different backgrounds, or choose your own photo, and a bubble machine mode for even more bubble blowing fun.

- The kids absolutely love this one

- My 3 year old loves it keeps her busy at appointments

- The first app I've bought in over a year!

- My 18 year old loves it

- Fun no brainer 4 young or old. Fun 2 do when u want 2 turn off your mind and relax

Truth or Dare (On Facebook)

***** Over 1 million answers given *****

Like the classic in-person game, our Facebook app will challenge you with Truth/Dares for you to answer about your friends and yourself. And just like the in-person game, you and your friends may be surprised to discover the answers!
Check out theTruth or Dare Game on Facebook.